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Mobile Phones and Media Players

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The wild success of a new smartphone game,Pokemon Go, has sent shares of Nintendo soaring.

The Japanese company’s stock price surged 25% on Monday after climbing late last week, which helped add $7 billion to its market cap in short order.

The game, which is played on a smartphone, lets people explore their neighborhoods to find virtualPokemon characters. It’s made possible through augmented reality, in which images are layered on top of the real world using the phone’s camera capabilities.

Since its release last week, Pokemon Go has raced to the top of the charts, becoming both the most downloaded and the top-grossing app in the iPhone app store, according to market research firm App Annie. By its second day, it was already installed on some 5% of Android phones, putting it ahead of dating app Tinder, according to online analytics firm SimilarWeb.

“Clearly Nintendo has managed to pull off something very special that has created a craze in the mobile-gaming market in a matter of days,” said BGC Partners analyst Amir Anvarzadeh.

For investors, this is an indication of the success that Nintendo could have on mobile. The company has been reluctant to put its games on smartphones and its first mobile game, Miitomo, was met with disappointment when it was released in March. However, it has now come out with Pokemon Go, which seems to have more of a built-in audience and was developed with Niantic, a Google GOOGL +2.47% spin-off that is behind the popular Ingress game.


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Post Mon, 18 Jul 2016 16:33:36

Awsome!! Gonna try as soon as it's  released in Canada.

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