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While Wii U owners in North America and Japan have been enjoying Nintendo TVii for the best part of a year, it still hasn't launched anywhere else in the world as yet. The internet television and on-demand entertainment service was due to launch in Europe in 2013, but that obviously didn't happen — and Nintendo UK has publicly apologised for the delay:

We would like to apologise that we were unable to bring the Nintendo TVii service to Europe in 2013 as originally planned.

Please continue to keep an eye out for further announcements regarding this service in the near future.

There's no current word on when the service will hit the UK and Europe, so we'll have to simply file this one under "TBC 2014". Are you keen to see TVii in your region, or had you largely forgotten it even existed? Let us know your thoughts by posting a comment.

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Post Tue, 14 Jan 2014 07:37:33
I don't have a wii u. so not sure how to play it. Thanks a lot for letting us know this. Tongue
PostTue, 14 Jan 2014 21:20:09Reply(0)


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