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Firstly read the Tutorial on Rules for uploading a Movie or TV Show
Step 1  Download a movie or TV show to your computer
Step 2  Convert this Movie using a video converter to DPG format
you will find a converter in Homebrew 
To get to homebrew on the Red Games-engine page press on NDS Area and then on NDS Resources

Once on this page scroll down and find homebrew press on apps

On the right side of the next page search for a converter
This is a link to a converter that is easy for Beginners it has a help section to show you how to convert your movie

Step 3  Your DPG Movie now has to be compressed using Winrar or win zip

Step 4  Upload your Winrar/Winzip file to a file hosting serve I use Mediafire
   as a free user you may upload a Movie to 200 MB They will give you a 
              resource file path which you need to copy to use later

             You may split a file into multi parts using Win-zip/ Winrar 
              The following is for Winzip
             After converting your file to DPG right click on it scroll down to Winzip open add to zip file
             a new window will open  add to archive  Find the box with span/split over it
             open this and a drop down list with the sizes of files will open select the size you want and press add
             Your file will now be saved in two parts ready to upload
              When you upload these files you will receive 2 file paths 
              which you will need to upload to Games-Engine
       Here is a link to the tutorial for splitting a file using Winrar

Step 5  On The Red Games-Engine page as before press on Member Centre YOUR home page will appear
           In the right hand column press Uploads it will look like this

UpLoad Resources Add news
File size:
downloading required:Silver coins
Update date:
Resource file path:
Title:  Download Link: Add input control
Small image:
(* Optional)

Fill in each section of this form very important not to forget 


The information you got from the upload of you file is entered in         Resource file path:
you also enter the name of the upload server in the Download link Box
If you have split your file into 2 parts you will need to presson the small green Plus sign to the right of the Downlink box it will bring up another 
Resource file path:
Title:  Download Link: Add input control
here you enter the second resource file path you recieved when you uploaded

and finally an image which can be resourced in Googles images
now press Submit

To Check on your uploads look in your home page under my Resources and it will say either verified or not verifiied

Ton56 also has an excellent video Tutorial on uploading to Games-Engine the link is

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Post Tue, 07 Feb 2012 16:28:32
Well now that was super duper alle luper bouncy fast Brenda!!! I AM IMPRESSED!!

PostTue, 07 Feb 2012 16:48:26Reply(0)



  Dumb, Symbol, Hands, Signs Wowser Symbol, Fingers, Human, Signal

PostTue, 07 Feb 2012 18:11:28Reply(0)


nice and concise - even i might be tempted to U/L something :)
PostWed, 08 Feb 2012 00:46:38Reply(0)


good going Brenda!!! Impressive for sure...will add this to our wonderful list of tutorials

PostWed, 08 Feb 2012 07:07:44Reply(0)


oh cool you have how to split a file too! very important these days for most file sharing sites!!

PostWed, 08 Feb 2012 12:26:37Reply(0)


You have done very great job here, Brenda! Thanks very much for your awesome tutorial. Keep up the good work!
PostThu, 09 Feb 2012 03:32:40Reply(0)


Thanks everyone
PostThu, 09 Feb 2012 04:35:03Reply(0)


I am trying to upload a TV show but I keep getting HTTP error when I try hitting upload for the small image.
PostFri, 20 Apr 2012 16:01:39Reply(0)


I am trying to upload a TV show but I keep getting HTTP error when I try hitting upload for the small image.

That is because GE is trying to work out some fixes in the new forum.

In just a few days ALL uploading will be fixed!Smile but for now, we must save our files in a 'GE folder' on our desktop(well thats what I am doing) and wait for Tuesday.

Thanks for your understanding!

PostFri, 20 Apr 2012 16:36:32Reply(0)


Click here

see this link? hope it works lol

PostFri, 20 Apr 2012 16:37:51Reply(0)


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